Excuses Of People Struggling With Heroin Addiction Not To Enter Rehab

If you have convinced a loved one battling with heroin addiction to enter to a rehabilitation facility for a longtime, chances are they have already made a lot of excuses not to. However, don’t blame yourself if you’re not able to do it.

Addicts have many excuses or reasons why they don’t want to seek treatment for their heroin addiction. They want to stick with their drug use and resist any change that would make their lives better.

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Check out 5 excuses of heroin addicts why they refuse to seek a recovery program:

1. “I’m happier with drugs.”

Most notorious addicts won’t admit that they need help. They deny that they have a problem and they are causing dilemma also to other people.
They claim that they are at their happiest moment, when they do drugs. Everyone knows that it is only the effect of heroin. In reality, everything is falling apart. They are devastated inside, particularly when they come off from drug use.

2. “I can’t leave my job. I’ll be fired.”

Someone with heroin addiction and is still able to work may have a good reason not to enter a rehab center. However, legally, noone can be fired because of attending a rehabilitation program.

You can always use your sick leave for that.In the long run, if you continue using heroin, it may result in greater problems of losing your job. So why not prevent it and get healed from your addiction?

3. “I can’t leave my family.”

Leaving your family to go to a rehab seems valid. In the long run, it is also not ideal because if you are using heroin, more likely, you are shooting heroin at home and may be in front of your wife or your children.

Think about your family, your future with them. Sticking with a drug addiction will only bring you more miseries instead of good things.

4. “I can’t afford to pay the rehab cost.”
If you’re concerned about the payment for your rehabilitation, there are budget facilities that can help you and at the same time would not cost a lot. There are also free rehab centers.

Most facilities also provide assistance, installment plans and accepts insurance. If you are going to think about your entire heroin addiction, it costs more than what you’re going to spend for your treatment.

5. “I can quit addiction on my own.”

Addiction as you’ve always heard is a chronic disease. Without proper drug recovery, it is impossible for you to recover.

When you quit heroin abuse by going cold turkey, you have a higher chance of relapsing than when you go through the treatment process. During the withdrawal stage, you need medications that can help your symptoms. Without it, you will just be tempted to go back to drugs to avoid it.